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Genera Energy Showcases Commercial-Scale Biomass Harvesting Concept

Biomass supply leader harvests bio-energy crops using state-of-the art processes and equipment

VONORE, Tenn. Jan. 13, 2014 – Genera Energy Inc., winner of the prestigious 2013 Sustainable Biofuels Award for Sustainable Feedstock Innovation, is showcasing some of the most cutting-edge, effective and innovative commercial harvesting techniques available in the biomass industry today as it begins its latest harvest of biomass energy crops.

“Genera is laser-focused on researching, developing, field testing and bringing to market the most efficient bioenergy crops, management techniques, harvesting processes and equipment,” said Kelly Tiller, Ph.D., President and CEO of Genera Energy. “This year, we’re expanding our use of state-of-the-art self-propelled field harvesters and innovative ways to handle, move, and store feedstock that can revolutionize large-scale biomass production.”

Developer and operator of the Biomass Innovation Park research development and demonstration campus in Vonore, Tenn., Genera offers advanced industrial scale biomass feedstock supply chain solutions that reduce both the cost and variability of biomass feedstock supply.

Genera’s experts combine their deep understanding of agricultural production and systems with their industrial scale management and logistics experience to provide robust, economical supply chains that balance cost, risk, reliability and quality. That’s important for all of Genera’s downstream biomass customers, regardless of whether they’re using that biomass to produce clean, renewable bio-based fuels, chemicals, power, or products.

“One of the innovations developed by Genera’s biomass experts is a commercially-viable method to bulk harvest biomass crops using existing and new technologies, integrated into our proprietary system,” said Sam Jackson, Genera’s vice president of business development. “For many biomass supply chains, this new system delivers product that offers tremendous savings in cost, time, production, storage and delivery compared to traditional methods.”

According to Tiller, the commercial-scale implications are enormous.

“With a number of our biomass customers and downstream partners moving from proof of technology and economics to full scale production in 2014, attention is now turning to the availability, affordability, and sustainability of biomass as a key success factor for this growing industry. Fortunately, Genera’s ahead of the curve and our deep understanding of the industry, real-world experience and successful field testing enable rapid deployment and scale-up of our integrated biomass supply systems,” she said.

About Genera Energy, Inc.
Genera Energy Inc. supplies biomass feedstocks for the advanced biofuels, biopower, and biochemical industries, offering customized biomass supply solutions ranging from full service energy crop production and turnkey supply chains to managing biomass supply as a service. Genera’s proprietary Supply ASSURE™ feedstock management system and its BIN-SPEC™ material handling and milling system offer Genera’s customers maximum feedstock reliability and quality while minimizing variability and cost. Based in Vonore, Tenn., Genera operates the country’s largest and most comprehensive industrial biomass management and processing facility. Focus on innovation and sustainability in delivering industrial biomass supply systems has earned Genera the World’s Biofuels Market’s prestigious 2013 Sustainable Feedstock Innovation Award. For more information, visit