Genera Energy’s CEO to Speak at ABLC 2015

Kelly Tiller to speak on feedstock integration and supply chain performance at leadership conference for the bioeconomy

VONORE, Tenn. March 10, 2015 – Kelly Tiller, Ph.D., president and CEO of Genera Energy Inc., a recognized leader in industrial scale biomass feedstock supply, will attend and present at the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference (ABLC) 2015, to be held March 11-13 at Capital Hilton in Washington DC. The annual ABLC conference is the largest gathering of industry leaders focused on technology, finance, and policy across the bioeconomy, ranging from advanced fuels to renewable chemicals and products.

Tiller, who was recently recognized on Biofuels Digest’s list of Top 100 People in the Advanced Bioeconomy, will speak Thursday, March 12 at 2:00 p.m. in the Industry Leadership and Outlooks session on “Feedstock Integration and Supply Chain Value.” The presentation will highlight Genera’s development of advanced biomass supply chain solutions, while emphasizing the importance of the interface between biomass supply and biomass processing for driving efficiency across the industry as a whole.

“Genera has developed several systems to improve the overall efficiency of industrial scale biomass feedstock supply chains and importantly, ensure feedstock reliability and consistency which reduces feedstock supply risk,” said Tiller. “As the industry progresses to larger scale operations, there is increasing recognition that the per ton feedstock price is only one of many ways feedstocks influence the bottom line.”

Tiller will be joined by Mark Beemer, CEO of Aventine Renewables, Howard Janzen, CEO of Cool Planet, Brian Foody, CEO of Iogen, Tom Corle, CEO of Leifmark, and Martin Mitchell, Director of Clariant, whose presentations will cover technologies that are in commercial production or fast-emerging, and all of which rely on low risk and affordable biomass feedstock.

Genera Energy is a vertically integrated biomass feedstock supply chain enterprise, supplying biomass feedstocks for advanced bio-based industries. It works with customers ranging from established oil and chemical industry leaders developing next generation biofuels or bioproducts projects, to boutique project and/or technology developers.

“It’s exciting to see the maturity of the discussion at this leading industry event over the years, rapidly progressing from early focus on technology and R&D, mostly for biofuels, through later focus on biochemicals and scaling up, to pioneer commercial production, to the current focus on the bioeconomy as an entire platform to drive sustainable economic growth,” said Tiller. “This event is a great opportunity to talk with leaders in the industry about ways Genera’s comprehensive and cost effective supply chain solutions can accelerate progress toward a sustainable energy future.”

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