Genera’s proprietary Supply ASSURE® feedstock harvesting, logistics and inventory management system begins where our Energy Grange system finishes: with a biomass crop standing in the field, ready to be harvested. Supply ASSURE takes the crop through the harvesting process, on to storage and/or transportation to the appropriate facility and includes an innovative, cost-saving data collection and inventory system allowing each customer the ability to create a detailed report of each crop’s performance.

The Supply ASSURE system covers the following service areas: harvesting and collection, aggregation and transportation, and a proprietary inventory control system. These management systems reach far beyond traditional harvesting, delivery and accounting methods.

Genera’s harvesting and collection systems span the wide range of available technologies. Optimized to meet the needs of each customer and crop, our commercial systems provide reliability and cost effective feedstock year-round. Specific harvesting techniques include self-propelled forage harvesters, large square bales, billet harvesters, and round bales. Additionally, Genera has broad experience in dry or wet harvesting techniques. Whether you want to utilize biomass just-in-time, store it dry, or ensile it for later use, Genera offers services for you.

Through Supply ASSURE, we have created a new quality standard for every stage of feedstock harvesting including: balancing timely harvesting equipment delivery, optimizing the harvesting process, enhancing storage and delivery systems, providing innovative transportation operations and offering easy-to-create yet detailed inventory reports, reducing risks and costs.

Supply-ASSURE helps Genera ensure the highest-quality feedstock would be delivered to the customer at the best price using the most cost-effective methods possible. Data show that properly collected, stored and delivered feedstock material can result in a 50- to 100-percent increase in yield for a customer. By combining cost efficiencies with high-quality, consistent feedstock and our time-sensitive and customized harvesting, storing and delivery services, Supply-ASSURE increases customer returns through lower up-front costs and higher performance.