Genera’s BIN-SPEC® feedstock material handling and milling system was developed using proprietary processing technologies to deliver consistent biomass materials to the customer’s specifications with the least amount of variability and at the lowest cost.

BIN-SPEC was developed after years of study, R&D and testing by Genera. In its simplest form, the BIN-SPEC preprocessing system regulates the size and consistency of biomass through a scientific milling process that is tailored to each specific feedstock and each customer, before the finished product is delivered to the refinery.

There are many steps involved in taking a crop from the field and consistently creating a uniform feedstock with the exact size, chemical composition and moisture content to meet the needs of each refinery or facility. Because each refinery is different, specifications for feedstock size, weight, moisture content and surface area vary widely, and what works for one refinery’s system won’t work with another.

Our BIN-SPEC system uses carefully calibrated modelling calculations tailored to each specific biomass product and where and how it will be used, making sure the end-user receives the exact product they need in a consistent format. Even minor variations can be a costly problem for refineries; if the milled product is too big, it can add time to mill it further. If the product is too fine, it can create health problems and processing inefficiencies. The BIN-SPEC preprocessing system reduces these issues, removing inconsistency and variability from the equation.

Ultimately, BIN-SPEC will reduce cost for the end user and provide a potentially higher performing feedstock through better optimization of feedstock characteristics and consistency for the customer.