Genera’s proprietary Agrished™ Management land and crop management system encompasses all aspects of biomass feedstock crop management, from evaluating and/or recruiting land to crop selection to growing and managing crops prior to harvesting. The Agrished™ Management system comprises everything required to build a firm foundation for supplying biomass. With most energy crops, you only get one chance to “build” the foundation and then you live with it—good or bad—for a long time. Genera’s Agrished™ Management system is a proven method for coordinating the foundations for biomass supply (land selection, crop selection, planting and crop establishment, conservation practices, stand monitoring and management) that are critical for reliability, consistency, and profitability.

Agrished™ Management consists of the following key service areas: detailed cost modeling, working with landowners to identify and evaluate land, matching the right feedstock to every acre, establishing successful crops and managing crop production.

As part of the innovative Agrished™ Management system, Genera creates a customized crop modeling blueprint that will visualize and map out a customer’s full feedstock supply chain, from land selection to production costs and potential for returns using the most efficient, successful and reliable feedstocks. Using our extensive experience with landowners in land procurement, production contracting and contracting practices we can reduce the overhead and risks associated with feedstock land management.

Genera’s crop establishment success rates are among the highest in the country, and include biomass feedstock crops such as perennial switchgrass, miscanthus, energy cane and short-rotation woody crops in addition to annuals like biomass sorghum.

Our Agrished™ Management feedstock solution works because it builds the firm foundation of energy crop production that enables Genera to ultimately provide the right feedstock to a user, when they need it, where they need it, and in the right form and quality at a price that enables a customer to operate at a dependable profit. For the landowner, this system was built to help deliver a fair return, manage risk and cash flow, and preserve and improve the productivity of underutilized land.