Regardless of your place in the biomass supply chain, Genera Energy can work with you to ensure success in growing, managing, or utilizing biomass.

Genera offers energy crop growers and biomass suppliers the critical link to downstream biomass customers.
Genera offers landowners a full suite of conservation and land management services.
Genera offers downstream biomass users a fully integrated biomass supply chain system.
Integrated Biomass Supply Chain Systems

Genera Energy provides biomass supply solutions to a variety of customers through a complete suite of services for the biofuels, bioenergy, biochemical and biobased products industries. Our systems can manage the entire supply chain for a customer. Genera operates through a variety of models by self-performing crop production activities or by working with individual landowners to provide material. Each individual supply chain is optimized for the customer. By employing proprietary Agrished™ Management and Supply ASSURE® feedstock management systems and our BIN-SPEC® material handling and milling system, Genera puts into action our extensive biomass production successes, fully integrating each biomass supply chain segment into a holistic approach. Depending on the need, we can tailor each link in the feedstock supply chain with customized solutions ranging from full-service energy crop production and turnkey supply chains to managing biomass as a service.

Our services provide customers with increased cost efficiencies, consistency in the delivered product, and robust management tools. Our turn-key systems collect a tremendous amount of data, data that allow customers to have full traceability in their products to ensure quality control and problem solving.

Your success in the biomass feedstock industry is our success, and we’ve developed these systems to make the process, across the entire supply chain, simple, systematic and successful. Our services and solutions differ based upon the role you play in the industry. Whether you are a farmer, landowner, or biomass user, we have systems and services that can help you.

Our management systems are described in more detail below:

Consulting and Development Services

Recognizing that the development of biomass-based projects can be daunting, Genera offers a variety of consulting and project development services to customers in addition to its primary business lines. Genera works with project developers, financiers, investors, and other parties to conduct independent feedstock feasibility studies, feedstock supply modelling, feedstock execution planning, material handling system analyses, and other areas. Genera has developed proprietary tools to aid in these efforts, tools that have been validated by the most experienced energy crop production team in the country. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist in your project development and/or evaluation activities.